As I sit here, on the couch, with my two little monkeys beside me having screen time on the iPads because that’s what we do in the mornings around here; there’s a bunny hopping across my neighbor’s yard. The sun is shining and the sky is blue here in Western WI. It was 46 degrees when I got up about an hour ago, but it looks like it will be another beautiful day here.

I don’t know about all you lovelies, but beautiful days really help during these crazy times. We are on day 40 of this quarantine. WI shut down schools beginning March 18th and with that, my daycare shut down also as I have all school employees for parents. I chose not to stay open for essential workers because any cough or cold for Milah also means inhalers and we just don’t want to risk it.

I handled the first 30 days or so pretty well but this last week I’ve really started to get antsy when it comes to being away from family. Being away from my Mom is especially hard for the girls and I. I go over and talk to her through her window once in awhile, but I can’t take the girls because what toddler understands you need to stay 6 ft away from Grandma?!

My motivation at the beginning of this was high. We immediately went and got paint and supplies to start projects. I managed to get the hutch painted and new hardware on and the lower kitchen cupboards got painted (mostly, the doors still need a second coat) but that project has sat for the last 30 days with nothing else getting done on it. Finishing requires me to stay up after the girls go to bed so it has time to dry before they get up and by the time they go to bed, I just want to sit and relax.

I keep thinking I have all this time to meal plan and cook and eat healthy and exercise, but I have no motivation to actually do it. I’m at my heaviest weight yet and all I want to do is eat the yummy food. I’ll get it figured out eventually but today is not that day.

Having two toddlers through this unprecedented time is both a blessing and a curse. They’re young enough and because of doing daycare in our home, they’re used to being here all the time so their schedule hasn’t changed much. The hardest thing for them is not going to playgrounds or seeing family. We don’t have to worry about school work either so that’s nice. However, face it, they’re not at easy ages and Milah’s terrible two’s are made worse because we also deal with PICA. If you don’t know what it is, it’s where you eat things that normally do not get eaten, at least not beyond the first taste or two. Sand, dirt, chalk, you name it, my kid will put it in her mouth and eat it and it makes doing fun stuff really hard at times. Especially because Annabelle loves painting and art but I just dread bringing it out because I know What will happen. That being said, we do try to do something sensory most days. Kinetic sand is a favorite with play doh right up there. I also got a sensory table from ikea that I need to put together yet and a bunch of bags of dry beans and rice to put in there. This quarantine is going to be a long one so I’m trying not to bring out all the new stuff right away.

We also try to get outside as much as we can. Bella has become a pro at peddling her trike so we’ll go around a couple of blocks with her on the trike and Milah in the push car and they love that. We got a bunch of wooden playground equipment off marketplace last week so Justin is working on getting that put together. In the meantime, they have their playhouse, trampoline and gator that they love to drive around the yard. Some of our area pools have already announced they’ll be closed for the summer so we also bought a pool yesterday for the girls. It’s wide enough that Mama can lay on a raft in it but shallow enough that they will be able to still stand. Other than that, they do get entirely too much screen time these days but I’m not too worried about it. We offset it with plenty of play and outdoor time.

I hope you are all staying well. Mentally and physically. I will try to work on being more present here. I have all good intentions and then I’m just wore out and don’t keep up on reading as I should much less writing. That is a goal to work on!

Lots of Love~Dawn


4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hey, Dawn. The cupboards look gorgeous! That paint color makes for such a soothing piece in the room, you should be really proud of it. My best advice is to grant yourself grace. This is the absolute last time for worrying about what you “should” be doing — do your best and then get a good night’s sleep so you can tackle the next day. 💛


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