It’s 2:38am…

And we have a new little man in our lives. He was having a tough time going back to sleep after his last feeding so here we sit, cuddling on the couch watching Gilmore Girls as he lids slowly get heavy. Man have I missed this! Newborn is my favorite stage, middle of the nights feedings and all. I live the smell, the noises they make as they drink their bottles and all the snuggles.

So, this all started on Tuesday. I opened my email and there it was. An email from our foster care coordinator asking if we would take placement of a 3 day old boy. 3.5 hours later I was at the hospital picking him up. He is a tiny little peanut. Not a preemie but fits in preemie diapers. Speaking of diapers, while new ball game and so much more difficult than changing girls. By the time I get them for daycare, circumcisions are all healed and they’re usually over peeing as soon as the air hits them so dealing with that has been a learning experience. We’re getting in the groove though. He hates having his diaper and clothes changed though and very much prefers being dressed and snuggled in.

When I picked him up, the nurse said the most he was only drinking 20 ml’s at the most. I was honestly shocked they were even letting me take him home. We couldn’t bring Bella home from the NICU until she was consistently eating 60 ml’s on her own. He was also a little jaundice. Luckily, he’s eaten no less than 30 ml’s here and is now wanting between 60-90 ml’s. He’s not going to stay a peanut for long at this rate.

I have no idea how long he will be with us. They were just starting to investigate and I haven’t heard a word from the SW since we left the hospital. I’m sure this whole covid thing makes things even more difficult than normal. For now, we’re enjoying loving on him and the girls are handling the new addition like champs. It helps that Daddy is home full time now and the weather is getting nice here so they get to be outside a lot.

Alright, little man finally seems to be solidly asleep (🤞🏻) so I’m going to go try putting him down and getting some sleep myself. Hope you are all staying sane and healthy during these crazy times!

Lots of love~Dawn

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