The Rum Tasting Experience

By Your Hosts The 'Two Little Monkeys'

"The Rums and then some.."

Bob & Rob (AKA) The Two Little Monkeys Just love great south American food... Shhh don't let em know about the their "El Empaladas - They are icluded you know! 

"What makes this

in my opinion..." - Little Rob

"Over 20 Years Experince in exploring rums from around the world, Big Bob is your master guide on your rum tasting journey.

A passing on of his indepth Knowledge through years of research, will be shared with you

... making this event for you, as it was for me, a most memorable one" 

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Not Just A Tasting

They Say Like No Other

Well thats what they said in the past...

No wobbly table tops with bright florecent tubes spoiling the vibe when the 'Two-Little-Monkey' chaps put on their show. Ohh no!

Join us here to enjoy the warm vibes, along with south American music and atmosphere to make your night so much more than just a tasting!

Is It Worth It ?

"hold on now"...

with up to £300 spent on Rums and production on each event you will be enjoying the spoils of a £1500 investment. 

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Exceptional Rum Night With The Two Little Monkeys

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